Our Services

Our Process

Let us guide you through your project every step of the way. We are transparent at all times about our process, so our clients know the status of their project at every step.


First thing’s first, come and see us! Tell us about your project, your style, what your dream results would be. We’ll show you material samples and create sketches, so you can visualize it clearly.

Budget Creation

After we understand yours needs, we’ll make it fit your budget. We’ll give you an itemized break-down of cost for all the features you want, whether they be economical or luxurious. 


Once we shake on the budget, Little Redstone brings in technicians to produce permit drawings and get the project moving forward. 


Green light to build? Our talented and experienced labourers and tradespeople are on-site and working hard the next day. Whatever needs to be done, we’ve got the talent to do it right.

Steady Updates

Regular meetings with the client keep them in the loop and knowing how their home is progressing. Correspondance via phone or email is available whenever needed to address questions & concerns.

Monthly Invoices

Our diligent accounting system results in throuough invoices at the end of each month, so you know where your money is going, and also you’ll have reference for what work has been completed.

Warranty Binder

As your project comes to a close and we hand you the keys to your sparkling new home, we also hand you a binder with service information for any future needs.

Into the Future

Little Redstone doesn’t disappear after your home is complete – we’ll remain your source of information for all your questions, and if you ever need service we can do the scheduling for you. Little Redstone loves our clients!

Let us help your Vision become reality


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