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Design Services


For all of us here at Little Redstone, building dream homes is our dream job. Ready to build? Come visit us for a free consultation! Our in-house team of designers will help you find stylish solutions to perfectly suited to your needs. We empower home owners to think outside the box, and we’re confident in our years of experience building innovative and challenging projects. Like a work of art, every custom Little Redstone project is an original, a true one-of-a-kind!

Construction Services


No matter the design challenge, Little Redstone can make it a reality! With a long history of building custom, outside-the-box projects, we have always pursued innovation in terms of what is possible in residential construction. You can rest assured knowing our team of skilled labourers and our network of trusted skilled trades will build you a home that will stand the test of time – or until you decide to give it another makeover! Our attention to detail and experience will assure you’ll feel secure in your home built by Little Redstone 


Construction Management


Just like our projects, no two clients are alike. At Little Redstone, we take great care to ensure our clients have peace of mind throughout the process, starting from when we first meet. We custom tailor our process to suit your project, whether it be a small renovation or a large new build; whether you’ve been planning for years, or if you don’t know where to start!

We know that every project is unique with its own unique challenges. We guide our clients through every step of preparation, documentation and permits. Transparency is one of our core values, and so we’re never shy about communicating honestly and frequently with our clients to address their needs and concerns.

Custom Homes in Toronto

Homes in Toronto Today 

 Many Transitional Styles Homes Build in Toronto brings Little Redstone passion, experiences for the presents. This Custom Home in Toronto brought Joy with its pikes, shapes of creations to bring balance vises size for Todays Living in Toronto.

 But don’t think innovation of design can be split.

We provide intense interior mixing of Modern or Contemporary of creative styles in means of a function for today’s Living.

Never read a Home by its cover in Toronto with Little Redstone.

Little Redstone brings 30 Years of overhauls in the expertise of Home Residential Sciences in the Toronto area. Design and Build is the more cost-effective way and is the best choice of the Today Economic Means Of Production for your next Project. 


                      Keep the thought of Build with Design in Mind first, before you start!


                                      Custom Home Builders for Ontario 2018 

                                                 Little Redstone Winner 

                             Little Redstone is truly humbled to be in the Honor and Thanks Build for Such Award for 2018.

This has brought much joy of people to who have inspired me, who have helped shape my thinking, who have helped me realize the potential of our profession                                                                                                                   

                                        Little Redstone Team could truly make a difference.



best home builder 2018


Today’s Home Living demands multiple functions areas! Will be the provider of sheer style in Design 




  Visual Arts in Toronto


 We build in full Visual Art Form to bring our clients needs real before we build.  Our beliefs will bring the clients wishes will bringing sustainability.   


                                                                                                                                                                                    Home Builder Toronto                                                                                                                                                                                                            Contemporary Builder Trends in Design 

Design with an Open Mind 




Effective communication is everything. That is why Little Redstone is dedicated to creating eye-catching visuals that focus on simplicity and clarity for our client’s.

Wood Burning Fireplace’s


                                             Homes Ontario 

Ranch Style Home in the country with an opening door to get the great open feel of a country home setting. Light a fire or go for a swim, turn on the heat floors for cool nights, its all within the Minds that do Build.  












Why Little Redstone?

When embarking on a new project, it’s important to choose the right builder. Here’s why we’re a leader in Toronto Custom Homes.


With over two decades of experience in residential construction, Little Redstone has the expert knowledge to make your project run smoothly. Our talented team and network of tradesmen can get the job done right, and for the right price



We love our clients, and providing them only the best in service is our top priority. We believe open and honest communication is key, and our transparent and friendly approach gives our clients peace of mind at every step of their project’s progression.


It’s not just our catchphrase; Little Redstone truly loves its jobs! For us, every new project is a new opportunity to create something truly beautiful that we can be proud of, and that our clients can be proud of for many years to come..

What Can Little Redstone Build for You?


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