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Finding the Right Fireplace

We at Little Redstone often get asked by our clients about the different options available to them when adding or updating a fireplace in their home. Questions such as; What options do I have? What's the difference between each? Is one more efficient? What about those...

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Website Update – Featured Projects!

A modest update for today's entry, but one we're proud of nonetheless! For ages now Little Redstone has had our portfolio prominently featured on our website, as it contains many photos of projects we've completed over the years. But we got to thinking, it'd be nice...

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Happy Birthday to the Boss!

There's always something exciting happening at Little Redstone...and although Mondays are usually nothing to celebrate for most, today was a special occasion - it was the birthday of Little Redstone's founder, Mr. James Herron himself! The staff showed our...

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All About Rendering

You might have seen pages on the Little Redstone website where we refer to our ability to create renders, and you may have also seen the term on other social media. When a new condo is announced, they'll show images of the new building labeled as "renderings". But...

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Merry Christmas from Little Redstone!

It's already that time of the year - it arrives so fast! This year has been one of growth and discovery for Little Redstone - we've overcome new challenges and expanded our office family, and through all the ups and downs we've reached the end of another year. Time...

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Meet Boomer! Little Redstone’s Office Dog!

If you follow us on social media (which you should, by the way!), then you may have already seen the subject of today's update. Little Redstone's always been a bit of an eccentric and unusual place, and it's something we embrace. So after much research and...

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Mother’s Day Around the World

This Sunday we will come together and honour motherhood! Mother's day is celebrated in many forms and on different dates throughout the world. Here is a bit of background on the many ways this holiday is celebrated; Canadians and American's will be celebrating...

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Welcome To The LRS Blog!

Hello like-minded friends! We just wanted to let you know that Little Redstone is now entering into the blog-isphere! Be ready for posts about our ongoing projects, tips & tricks from our in-house creative team, interviews of fellow artists in our community, and...

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