If you follow us on social media (which you should, by the way!), then you may have already seen the subject of today’s update. Little Redstone’s always been a bit of an eccentric and unusual place, and it’s something we embrace. So after much research and consideration, we decided to bring on another member to the team to help us continue to foster a positive environment here in the studio…

Meet Boomer!

Boomer is a cuddly, mischievous, people-loving little puppy who joined the team in late summer of 2018.

Our office has always been dog friendly, as our employees and clients have always been welcome to bring their furry friends to the office with them. The benefits of having a dog in the office are huge, as we felt whenever we had a pup visit us. A few minutes of play, a good cuddle, or a walk around the block are definite morale boosters on the challenging days, and a welcome extra boost of energy for all of us. So when our founder decided to get a dog of his own, it was only natural that he’d hang out with us in the Little Redstone studio during the day! He’s approaching 6 months old as of the writing of this post, but look how much he’s grown already –

from this adorably grumpy little fluffy puppy…

…to this adorably regal little dog – still very fluffy!

Boomer (or Boomie, or Boom) loves to play tug of war, relax and take naps in his bed, get belly rubs, and chase balls down the hall – though he hasn’t quite mastered how to fetch them back yet! 😂.

He gets lots of attention and love from the whole staff – and gives both back in spades. He even has his own instagram, check it out at @little.king.boomer!

In this writer’s opinion, seeing Boomer everyday is a joy, and his presence just goes to show the kind of welcoming place Little Redstone is, and the values we all share as a team.

See you in our next update! Thank you for visiting Little Redstone.ca!